A Review Of P^cubed — Pick-Pocket Proof Traveler Pants

Matt Nagin
3 min readJul 12, 2019

Clothing Arts, a company based out of North Woodmere, has developed a pair of pick-pocket proof adventure travel pants. As reported in The New York Times, the founder, Mr. Rapp, felt inspired to create theses pants after nearly getting pic-pocketed in Xian, China, an event that would have been a “disaster [since he was] travelling to Cambodia and Vietnam for a further four months.”

After a recent trip to Europe, where I was nearly pick-pocketed twice, most notably in a London club where the thief ran off with a wad of papers stuffed into my back pocket, it occurred to me I’d been unusually lucky. I hence scoured the internet for a better way of keeping my valuables secure than a money belt, which I always found cumbersome, and came across P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Adventure Pants.

While my new pants are not exactly a panacea, they save me the trouble of having to search endlessly through a money belt for funds or a passport. As demonstrated in this video, P^cubed Pants make one feel secure, even when traveling in crowded, perilous locations.

Clothing Arts sells pick-pocket proof adventure shorts, business shorts, business pants, and cargo pants. The cargo pants, which I ordered, come in three colors — green, grey, and black — and look stylish enough, particularly given the security features. The pants have an adjustable waist (I have a 34 that shrinks down to a 33), two sets of pockets on each side on the front, including one pocket on each side with a zipper entry and a flap with a button that can further secure your items. Both of these zipper entry pockets also provides a smartphone pocket.

The bottom pocket on each leg could be used to hold guide books or maps. There is even an add-on flap that can be employed as a bottle pocket. Perhaps most critically there is a rear cargo pocket with two hidden zipper closures which can further be reinforced behind yet another button flap, an excellent place to carry a passport and wallet.

Throw in the fact that these pants are wrinkle, rain, and stain resistant (they are made of teflon) — a claim that I’ve tested with positive results — and that the customer service department is excellent, offering a 100 percent money-back guarantee and answering any concerns expeditiously — and these pants seem a wonderful addition to any traveler’s wardrobe.

P^cubed — Pick-Pocket Proof Traveler Pants have been written up in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and other publications. They are incredibly comfortable. Difficult to stain. Were developed by fellow travelers. And provide an unparalleled level of security. All in all, if you can afford them, I’d highly recommend you pick up a pair of P^cubed — Pick-Pocket Proof Traveler Pants.



Matt Nagin

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