Matt Nagin
3 min readAug 30, 2023

The Hidden Dangers Of The Coronavirus Vaccines

The Fact That We Can’t Even Discuss The Risks Suggests There Is Something To Hide

A neoliberal agenda is being pushed on all of us. It is as baseless as any I have every encountered and likely destructive to humanity. We are not being given A CHOICE about whether to take the vaccine. We are being told WE NEED TO TAKE IT.

Anti-vaxx groups are banned on Facebook and Twitter; any information disseminated that questions the validity of the vaccine is shadowbanned on Google. Propoganda about the vaccines are promulgated to the masses who eat it up as they are desperate for this madness to be over. Vaccine passports are the new rule; colleges require proof of vaccination; travel or events cannot be attempted without it.

A good starting point…those who previously had COVID-19, and now have natural immunity, are being told to take the vaccine. This is the best protection they are told and certainly worth it. But is it?

Even going by the numbers Pfizer and Moderna provided, at best the effectiveness of these vaccines is 90–95% (not accounting for variants). Meanwhile, a Lancet study found workers at public hospitals throughout England who were previously infected with Covid-19 had an 84% lower chance of reinfection and a 93% lower chance of symptomatic infection after seven months.

Those numbers are at least as good as the Pfizer/Moderna…maybe better. Why maybe better? The PfizerModerna vaccines never explicitly promise any protection against infection….solely symptomatic infection. Yet if you had the virus, you really need to get vaccinated. Hmm….In the same article, it went on to say this: “Florian Krammer, PhD, of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, said that although natural infection tends to induce lower and more variable antibody concentrations than COVID-19 vaccines, ‘the findings of the authors suggest that infection and the development of an antibody response provides protection similar to or even better than currently used SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.’”

Yes, a PhD from one of the top hospitals in America, Mount Sinai, feels natural infection is similar or even better to vaccine protection. Yet not a word about this on any news outlets? Not even a discussion. The VAERS system, which has numbers which are drastically underreported, reports more than 3000 deaths and 60,000 vaccine injuries. Is anyone considering the risks of these injuries or deaths in the calculus?

The vaccine cannot be linked to these side effects, the pharma companies will say; it cannot be linked because there is absolutely no incentive to link it. That will kill the cash cow. The pharma companies have immunity from legal prosecution (the only immunity anyone gets in this whole sick, sordid ordeal), so why wouldn’t they, immediately, and eternally, fall back on plausible deniability?

But even if you think the vaccines have as little side effects as we’re being told, a complete lie, since I’ve come across about twelve different anecdotal sources that reveal severe side effects or deaths in numerous cases, even if you buy into that all that total bilge, if natural immunity is the same or better than vaccine immunity, and you’ve had covid before, why take the risk of getting an EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE? Are we thinking this through? Really thinking this through? I don’t think so.

But this is hardly the only risk…….CONTINUE ADE etc….

What we’ve told about the Coronavirus has been patently false on countless occasions. First, the virus wasn’t airborne. Then we solely needed to maintain six feet of distance.Then we didn’t need masks. Then we needed masks. Then it was airborne and transmitted through surfaces.

This sort of disinformation, this getting it wrong, has happened at every single turn. Recently, Dr. Fauci insisted that the vaccinated should wear masks when indoors. Wasn’t the point of vaccination to protect us

Coronavirus has proven a wily enemy. Every time we think we’ve defeated it, the virus finds ways to outwit us. Any sort of anti-vaxx message immediately gets shamed and silenced. But there is a great deal that is

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